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What is TeleCare

TeleCare using Software as Service solution for your telemedicine application. It helps you to create your own consultation marketplace and enable patients to connect with doctors at any time, from anywhere. TeleCare bundles together web-based systems and mobile apps (android and iOS).

We catered to Your Needs

Phone & Video Chat

Clients can connect with experts instantly through audio/video calls with end-to-end encrypted chats and a screen-sharing option with your online consultation software

Appointment System

Clients can book their appointments according to their and service provider's availability through your consulting marketplace

Analytics Report

Built your on demand consulting platform & stay ahead of your competitors with our advanced analytics & reports.

Integrated Payment

Set your desired consultation fees and seamlessly collect payments from clients through multiple payment gatewayswith your consultation software.

Advanced Search

Whether it's online medical or fitness consultation, clients can search & select from a wide range of providers.

Catalog Management

Admins can add, edit, and update details of expert service providers on a single dashboard on your consultation platform


Your privacy matters to us. Our GDPR compliant and tough data protection system safeguards your business from any data breaches.

Customizable Theme

Design your marketplace with your preferred themes. Make it peppy or make it professional!

Push Notifications

Service providers and clients get instant notifications about bookings through chats and reminders with the help of your consultation marketplace.

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