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Bring Your Business Online

Bring Your Business Online

About Pride

Pride Company’s mission is to help clients with strategic and impactful digital marketing through an organization where talented people are motivated by helping businesses grow. We believe that the growth of our clients and our people is connected – and we believe the success of our company is a result of this connection.

We are a Sarawak website design company, social media and digital marketing agency. We at Pride Company serve up unique website designs which coded with todays’ modern designs, styles and technologies, SEO improvements, social media campaigns and data-driven marketing strategies for sales leads and customer acquisition. 


To accelerate Sarawak’s transition in digital economy


To digitalize Sarawak’s business and bring it online


For some technical teams building solutions is simply about applying technologies to solve a problem. For Pride Co. its not only about getting the job done right, on time, and on budget, but also about innovation – working closely with our clients, leveraging technologies to achieve solutions that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional user experiences every time.


We believe that clients are a vital part of creating exceptional solutions and provide them with full access and visibility to every stage of the solution development process; discovery, strategy, pricing, scheduling, coding, testing, and delivery.


At Pride Co. collaboration means a lot more than just effective client-team communication. Creating elegant solutions is about skillfully blending expertise across multiple disciplines to exceed the desired result and achieve a solution that is greater than what was initially thought possible


Pride Co. invests in attracting and retaining software engineering and project management experts who share our commitment to service excellence, timely delivery, effective solutions, and amazing client experiences.

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